The Philadelphia City Council has proposed an ordinance that could hurt Philadelphia’s most vulnerable patients by raising out of pocket costs for treatments. As written, this ordinance could deny them access to the assistance provided by copay coupons currently helping them access the treatments prescribed by their doctor.  For many patients, this assistance is a lifeline that helps lower out of pocket costs for their health care. 

Furthermore, this ordinance would punish patients by taking away what rightfully belongs to them. It would cut off those most in need while favoring only those wealthy enough to afford treatment without any assistance. At best, patients might find a less effective, cheaper treatment. At worst, they might stop treatment altogether. 

We can't stay silent as the Philadelphia City Council tries to drive a wedge between patients and the care prescribed by their doctor. Send a message to the Philadelphia City Council now demanding that they withdraw this ordinance. 

Read our full statement on this proposed ordinance.

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