New CMS Rule Threatens the Bipartisan Compromise to Protect Those with Preexisting Conditions


In the wide ideological gulf between Democrat and Republican healthcare reform efforts — with "Medicare For All" at one end and a market-based system at the other — there has emerged one bipartisan point of agreement: Those with preexisting conditions must be protected. Even those Republicans who want to wholly repeal Obamacare don't want to return the days when insurers could deny applicants coverage because they had cancer.

A Health Care Win for Congress: Stop the Medicare Part D Out-of-Pocket Cliff


Better health care was the top concern for 41 percent of voters in the midterm elections, but Congress does not have to wait until next year to pass bipartisan health legislation. Among the must-pass bills for the 2018 lame duck session should be legislation that averts a looming Medicare Part D “cliff,” saving seniors and disabled Americans billions in out-of-pocket spending on their prescription drugs.