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Patients Rising Now (PRN) was formed to stand up for patients, to advocate for their rights, to stand up for the treatments and care they need, and to tell the truth about health care.  

PRN believes in keeping patients focused at the top of the pyramid. We work side-by-side with patient advocates as we work towards three goals:

  • Gaining and maintaining access to medicines and treatment for those living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses
  • Ensuring the pipeline of medical innovation is not threatened
  • Supporting  and initiating regulatory reforms that protect patients who use and depend on our healthcare system the most

PRN will work at the community, state, and federal levels to activate patients in support of reforms and legislation that will advance patient access to and affordability of health care. We will actively support legislation -- and occasionally a candidate -- that actively attempts to advance the complex issues surrounding patient access and affordability in this country. 

You may contact Patients Rising Now at (800) 484-3145

Visit our patient education site Patients Rising.

We are a group of dedicated members demanding transparency in health care. 

John Kabateck
President, Kabateck Strategies
Terry Wilcox
Terry Wilcox
Co-Founder & Executive Director